Unsilenced Launches The Attorney Database

At Unsilenced, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking attorney database, aimed at combating institutional abuse and providing justice to survivors. Being a part of this attorney referral network will help connect legal professionals who are interested in collaborating on cases and survivors who are searching for an attorney.

Survivors often face daunting legal battles when seeking justice, struggling to find attorneys with the expertise and understanding necessary to navigate complex cases. Our attorney database aims to bridge this gap by connecting survivors with competent and compassionate legal professionals who specialize in fighting institutional abuse. This innovative database serves as a directory of attorneys who are dedicated to fighting for the rights of survivors and holding institutions accountable for their actions.

Join us in this crucial mission by spreading the word about our attorney database. Together, we can provide survivors with the legal support they need and work towards eradicating institutional abuse from our communities.

To view the Unsilenced Attorney Database, click here.

If you are an attorney interested in the case and would like to be added to the Unsilenced Attorney Database, please click here.