Championing better care for youth

Unsilenced is a non-profit organization that educates decision-makers, campaigns for policy change, and supports survivors.

About Unsilenced

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Our work

We envision a world where youth are free from institutionalization and the voices of young people are respected in the development of their own mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Our mission is to stop institutional child abuse by empowering self-advocates to promote lasting social change. 


Unsilenced conducts comprehensive investigations throughout the industry to collect data on the impact of institutional child abuse, increase transparency and accountability of facilities, and help streamline the process for survivors to report abuse.

Project Speak

An advocacy initiative to educate caregivers, school and justice systems, medical and mental health practitioners, and child-placing agencies on the detrimental effects of institutionalization to interrupt the community-to-institution pipeline.

Survivor Empowerment

We build Survivor Independence Packs that contain a laptop and extensive resources for survivors who have aged out of a facility and are re-entering society. We also facilitate monthly support groups for survivors for community growth and healing.

We need your help

Support the great work that Unsilenced does by donating – every little helps.