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Ensure professionalism, impartiality, objectivity, and clarity in cases, however complex, of institutional child abuse. 

Why me?

As an expert in fighting institutional child abuse, I bring years of research and experience engaging with survivors, families, policymakers, and legal professionals involved with institutional child abuse cases. I bring detailed knowledge, based on real evidence, which makes my testimony strong and clear in court. I understand first-hand the complex issues of institutional child abuse and can explain them in a way that judges and juries can easily understand. This is crucial in ensuring a fair and credible case.

I am committed to providing opinions that are both truthful and impartial. My duty is to the truth and the facts of the case, regardless of which side has engaged my services. I approach each case with an open mind, ensuring my opinions are not influenced by personal biases or external pressures. My goal is to assist the court in understanding the nuances of the subject matter, based on objective evidence and sound professional judgment.

When examining evidence, I do so with meticulous attention to detail. This involves thoroughly analyzing all relevant materials, data, and documentation. This thorough examination is crucial in forming a well-grounded and reliable opinion, which is essential for the integrity of the judicial process.

Objective analysis is critical to my work as an expert witness. My evaluations are based purely on my expertise and factual data. I ensure that my reports are detailed, clearly presenting my findings, methodologies, and conclusions. These reports are crafted to be accessible, providing clear insights into complex issues, so that they can be easily understood by the court and all parties involved.

In court, I understand the importance of communicating complex technical or specialized information in a manner that is comprehensible to those without my professional background. I aim to articulate my opinions and the basis for them clearly and concisely, aiding the court in making informed decisions.

Compliance with court rules and my duty to the court is paramount. My conduct and the information I provide align with the legal and ethical standards set by the court. I am acutely aware that my primary duty is to the court, above any obligations to the party that has appointed me. This ensures the integrity of my role and the judicial process. 

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