Unsilenced Fundraiser: A Night Of Inspiration & Empowerment

As December unfolds with its festive spirit, there’s a special event on the horizon that is not just a celebration, but an opportunity for profound impact. I’m thrilled to share that with Unsilenced, I will be hosting what I’m hoping will be our biggest fundraiser yet.

The event, set in the serene surroundings of the Big Canyon Country Club, will bring together several individuals who have bravely navigated the challenges posed by the Troubled Teen Industry. Their stories are not just narratives of struggle, but epics of overcoming and finding a renewed sense of purpose. And, of course, we hope to raise significant funds to help Unsilenced continue its phenomenal work.

Why does this matter?

The Troubled Teen Industry affects an estimated 120,000-200,000 youths and their families annually. This event is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a platform for continuing our crucial social change movement to protect and empower these young lives.

Want to donate to the cause?

Use this link to add your donation.